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This is my new webpage!
By reading this i hope that
you want to know more about me and what kind of person i am. Press "read more" to get to the
(About me) part of the Page. Enjoy!!

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Extra Extra! Read all about it! Hehe.. well i just wanted to say that iŽm going to upload pictures and stuff here as time goes on. Just be patient and please feel free to mail me or write in my guestbook if you have any questions! The mail adress is:

My own Blog!

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my Blog site! Not a member? Mail me and iŽll make you one in notime!

Welcome »

Now is the time, and this time iŽm going to do it! This webpage is my own place
here in the cyberworld built by humans! You there reading this, i welcome you to
this place and i hope  that youŽll have an plesant stay. I have to say this i guess,
i am from sweden so please excuse my poor english.. Some words are a little hard
to type out and if you see any odd spellings please let me know and iŽll fix it as soon
as i can. With that in mind, please feal free to browse this webspace as you see fit.
You can use the meny above to get to all of the parts in this webpage.

Please enjoy your stay and welcome once again to my Homepage!
//Nimon Nex


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